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Gun Control and Mass Shootings - 1442 Words

Gun Control The occurence of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut. The gunman, was 20-year-old Adam Lana, who first shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. He then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members. As first responders arrived, Lana committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The shooting began at approximately 9:30 a.m. Sandy Hook was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history, after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. This shooting yet again assured the nation that gun violence is still as big of a problem as it was back in the late 90’s when 27 teenagers got killed in another mass killing in Columbine, Colorado. We as a nation must stand up and oppose mass murdering because these actions are not only unjust but inhuman as well. The increase in gun viol ence can be decreased by, identifying the regions in the country where the most gun violence occurs and restricting their access to limiting or monitoring the availability of guns and ammunition. Criminals who pursue robberies have clear monetary or instrumental goals. In General, there are two types of robberies: street robbery and commercial robbery. The Expected utility for street robbery is limited. When gun buying cost are increased through Gun control legislation, street robbers mayShow MoreRelatedGun Control And Mass Shootings1247 Words   |  5 PagesGun Control In the course of history gun control and mass shootings has always been an issue, but much too often, history has been being made. Gun control is an understatement for what actually is being implemented. The process to get a gun, for example, a rifle, is all too easy. Let me personally walk you through this gruesome process . First, you walk into the store, second you pick your desired weapon, third you walk to the cashier to do a background check, finally you buy the gun. The hardestRead MoreGun Control And Mass Shootings2004 Words   |  9 PagesIn the United States, mass shootings have been an issue for decades. The latest being the Las Vegas shooting where 58 people were killed and 546 people were injured. This is just one of many examples of the shootings that have taken place within this nation. Statistics from CNN also show that in the last ten years, four of the five deadliest shootings have occurred. (Willingham, Ahmed) The lack of strictness which the United States h as on the ability to obtain guns gives leeway for these incidentsRead MoreThe Truth About Mass Shootings And Gun Control938 Words   |  4 PagesTruth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control: Crime and killings have fallen as gun ownership has increased†, was written in a manner to target a specific audience by using a current hot topic amongst politicians in the United States on gun control. By discussing recent mass shooting, the author is able to appeal to his audience with Ethos appeal allowing him to maintain the attention of the audience, which, otherwise would be overlooked by people outside his target audience. Gun control has been aRead MoreGun Control: The Prevention of Mass Shootings Essay1415 Words   |  6 Pages Guns have been used throughout history for war, hunting, and protection. Since then, the killing capacity and speed of guns has improved dramatically. Guns have been a part of American culture from its roots. However, as times have changed and guns are no longer a necessity, gun control has become increasingly urgent to prevent unnecessary crime and killings. Guns should be banned for everyone but the law enforcement and military. Guns should be banned to prevent mass shootings and lower crime ratesRead MoreMass Shootings : Will Gun Control Legislation Provide Effective Prevention?1689 Words   |  7 PagesMass shootings: Will gun control legislation provide effective prevention? Currently in the United States, there is a large debate going on about what we should do about gun control. This issue played a large role in the recent election of our president Donald Trump. In this issue, there are two sides as well as a middle section that agrees slightly with both sides. On the extreme sides of the issue, some people believe that guns should be completely not allowed in the United States, while someRead MoreGun Control Essay736 Words   |  3 PagesWhen a mass shooting or other act of terrorism occurs the first thing thought is: who is the person who did it? Are they white? Are they Islamic? After the basic questions are established there is next to no more talk or news coverage about the person who committed the crime. The only concern is the politics behind it. The media is more concerned about what the president has to say about the overall shooting, not about why this person had a gun or what caused this said person to committee the horribleRead MoreIn tro:. The Debate Over Gun Control Laws Is A Very Controversial1234 Words   |  5 PagesThe debate over gun control laws is a very controversial issue in the United States and out of the many issues currently up for debate in American politics, there is no other topic that has a partisan divide quite as deep as the debate over gun control. Few people advocate for mass shootings or other forms of gun violence, except of course for the perpetrators of such actions. It may be easy to blame the recent uptick of gun violence in recent years on the sheer prevalence of guns in American societyRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gun Control874 Words   |  4 PagesGun control has always been a heated topic in this country, and as more issues involving guns arise, the more heated it gets. This was especially seen after the Las Vegas mass shooting where 58 people died and 515 more were injured after a 64- year old man opened fire into a crowd during a concert. This devastating event should be enou gh for people to realize that more gun control laws should be placed around the country because most guns like large capacity guns are not needed for recreational useRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control Laws1701 Words   |  7 PagesA gun has the capacity to convert a conflict into a serious crime. The power of a gun is vast. But it the power of the gun is appreciated in right hands. The effects of a gun can be cherished when it is used by right hands and with the right intention. The effects of the gun are condemned when it reaches in wrong hands. A gun can protect as well as end someone’s life. When it ends the life of a criminal, it is a sign of bravery but when it takes the lives of innocent people it is condemned. ThereforeRead MoreA Brief Note On Shootings Shooting And The 2012 Aurora Shooting973 Words   |  4 Pagesto incidents of mass shootings, specially the 1999 Columbine shooting, 2007 Virginia Tech shooting and the 2012 Aurora shooting. According to my findings an d analysis, there are two main ways the issue of gun controlled is framed. One, gun control is depicted through a constitutional frame that represents the problem as an issue involving constitutional claims to support less strict gun laws and second, gun control is represented through the lens as a public health frame where the issue is seen as

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Views of Entitlement in the Great Gatsby - 1596 Words

The Great Gatsby as Fitzgerald’s explanation of an American Reality which contradicts the American Dream That was always my experience—a poor boy in a rich town; a poor boy in a rich boys school; a poor boy in a rich mans club at Princeton.... However, I have never been able to forgive the rich for being rich, and it has colored my entire life and works. —F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters, ed. Matthew J. Bruccoli. New York: Scribners, 1994. pg. 352. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has been celebrated as one of the greatest - if not the greatest - American works of fiction. Of course, one could convincingly argue that Gatsby barely qualified as fiction, as it is the culmination of a trio of Fitzgerald’s work that†¦show more content†¦The culture of the wealthy Americans represented in The Great Gatsby was defined mainly by consumerism and excessive material wealth. Wherever given the opportunity, Jay Gatsby went over the top, as shown in his flamboyant style of dress and his huge mansion where he throws lavish parties. This is actually not all that different from Fitzgerald’s life. After his first work was published to great fanfare, Fitzgerald was the talk of the town. As was the case with Gatzby, many of those around him did not – and never would – actually know Fitzgerald. They wished merely to be close to someone famous. Fitzgerald shunned all the attention, eventually mov ing to France. It was there that he looked at the supposed American Dream from a different perspective. To Fitzgerald, it was clear that the sudden wealth that many Americans began to acquire caused leisure and idleness to replace traditional ethics like hard work as qualities that were admired. (Decker, 28) Certainly the Buchanans and Gatsby cared little about hard work once they had achieved their material goals. Gatsby believed that in order to fulfill his own concept of the American Dream he needed to win Daisy’s love, and to do that he would need to â€Å"establish himself as Somebody.† Although he loves Daisy, he also sees her as more of a goal – a step toward the perfect life promised by the American Dream. In a way, Gatsby views Daisy much the wayShow MoreRelatedThe American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis758 Words   |  4 Pagesdetermination and hard work. Everyone has equal opportunity to achieve this dream. This may not be the case in this tragic love story, The novel The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald. By corruption, unfaithfulness, and entitlement we see a different view of the American Dream. Through the characters and plot in the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald suggests the pessimistic view that the American Dream of social mobility is a modern fallacy. In the first place, Gatsby’s unrealistic American Dream signifies the longingRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay1435 Words   |  6 PagesHypothesis: Gatsby s failure arose from his deluded and futile dream of Daisy. After reading and studying F. Scott Fitzgerald s great mark on American literature which is The Great Gatsby, I have concluded that Jay Gatsby s failure arose from his deluded and futile dream of Daisy. I have found two critics perspectives on The Great Gatsby in relation to my hypothesis. The two critics I studied were McLennan (2014) and Islam (2014). I hypothesized that Gatsby s failure arose from his deludedRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay1421 Words   |  6 Pages We begin our introduction to Gatsby in a fantasy of mansions and money. However, the film s progression unravels Gatsby’s superficial layer of wealth to reveal a delusional man who has built himself on a futile dream. Together we will explore the religious and sociological views upon Gatsby’s failure as dictated by McLennan (2014) and Islam (2014). I hypothesized that Gatsby s failure arose from his deluded and futile dream of Daisy. Gatsby s failure is that he continues to pursue Daisy, whoRead MoreThe Madness Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby996 Words   |  4 Pages(Taylor). This article is similar to the novel, The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald because both discuss the idea of wants versus needs. Gatsby is the main character, however Nick Carraway is the narrator throughout the entire story. They have been neighbors ever since Nick moved to West Egg. Nick and Gatsby become close friends when Nick reunites Daisy, Nick’s cousin, with Gatsby after five years of separation. Unfortunately, their reunion leads to a great deal of heartache which was all sparked by greedRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And A Street Car Named Desire1468 Words   |  6 Pagesin both The Great Gatsby and A Street Car Named Desire. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams use these themes to shape characters as well as drive the plot. These th emes are also present in the setting, narration and characterisation. Illusion and fantasy dominate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They are essential to narration, setting and characterisation in the novel. Nick Caraway’s narration is conflicted between a realistic point of view and a fantastical point of view throughoutRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And A Street Car Named Desire1715 Words   |  7 Pagesin both The Great Gatsby and A Street Car Named Desire. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams use these themes to shape characters as well as drive the plot. These themes are also present in the setting, narration and characterisation. Illusion and fantasy dominate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They are essential to narration, setting and characterisation in the novel. Nick Caraway’s narration is conflicted between a realistic point of view and a fantastical point of view throughoutRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And A Street Car Named Desire1715 Words   |  7 Pagesboth The Great Gatsby and A Street Car Named Desire. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams use these themes to shape characters as well as drive the plot. These themes are also present in the setting, narration and characterisation. Illusion and fantasy dominate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They are essential to narration, setting and characterisation in the novel. Nick Caraway’s narration is conflicted between a realistic point of view and a fantastical point of view throughoutRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1722 Words   |  7 PagesThe Beginning of Everything â€Å"Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone...just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had† (Fitzgerald 1). The first line of The Great Gatsby illustrates a heartfelt sentiment of treating others respectfully and not judging a book by its cover. However, as the chapter continues, the narrator Nick Carraway, suggests this propensity of tolerance is better used as leverage to entice more people to trust you and tell you theirRead MoreAnalysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald953 Words   |  4 Pageslook at the 1920s youth culture in an unbiased manner and make insightful observations on its lack of moral decency, this led to This Side of Paradise being considered a masterpiece during that era. In The Great Gatsby, all the use of Fitzgerald’s writing style is applied but in the point of view of Nick Carraway, so language of evaluation is critical in establishing Nick’s thoughts, opinions and judgments on people, places and events. For example, Nick describes Tom Buchannan as â€Å"a sturdy straw-hairedRead MoreTheme Of Carelessness In The Great Gatsby1174 Words   |  5 PagesThe Great Gatsby is a true classic of twentieth-century literature based on the views of the main character, Nick Carraway. Published in 1925, The Great Gatsby is based on the Jazz Age, a time of prohibition, illegal trade of alcohol, increase in crime and bootlegging and the rise of the ‘new rich’. There are multiple significant themes portrayed throughout this novel, such as destruction, corruption, love, hope, manipulation, and carelessness. F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is a literary

Disneyland Dubai International Marketing Mix - Free Sample Solution

Question: Describe about the Disneyland Dubai for International Marketing Mix. Answer: Introduction The first name came to everybodys mind when a conversation starts about the worlds most recognized park theme is the Disney. The Disney theme of the park is introduced by the Walt Disney Co. across the world. The Disneyland is a complete subsidiary of a public corporation and it is mainly a travelling type industry. The Disneyland was founded in the year 1971, i.e., approximately forty six years ago. The headquarters of the Disneyland is in Burbank, California, United States. Approximately one lac fifty thousand (150,000) employees are working in the Walt Disney Company. Approximately 140 million people are visiting the Disney parks across the world. The company is also connected to the people across the world through the television network as well as many other social media channels. The Disney is planning for the expansion of its business thats why it is planning the presence expansion of the star wars throughout all the park themes working across the globe. The company is also pla nning to open its park at various new locations across the world in the upcoming years. Description of Disneyland worldwide As we know a large number of bands are working across the world at the present time, but Disney is one of the best brands working in many countries across the globe. In actual, the travelling business and the park themes were a side project or we can say was a side work for the Walt Disney. In the year 1951, Walt Disney agreed for introducing the park theme by signing a deal with WED Enterprises. In the year 1953, the Disney get connected to the various television networks and started producing a show named as Disneyland (Media, 2016). The main motive of the company is to be one of the best companys working across the globe in the field of information and entertainment. The company is keeping any eye on the various factors responsible for making the company the most innovative, profitable and the most creative in the fields and the experiences of the entertainment. Disneys learning Before entering into the market of Dubai, the Disney has learned various important aspects from the experience of the many international themes working at different- different locations of the world. The management of the company is making several plans and following various strategies for a sustainable environment for the company in the new market (Marketing, 2016). The management is having its focus on the hiring process of the new employees for the company. It is making several efforts for providing the training to the new employees so that, they can work effectively and efficiently in the environment of the company. The management is also performing its duties by placing various Disney characters throughout the Disney parks working across the globe, providing best class of entertainment to the people according to their cultural behaviors. The Disney is working on the corporate factors like lowering the premium rates on the admission, food, hotels, etc., working under the Disney C ompany. The Company is adopting a relaxed hierarchical structure related to the management operations being performed in the company. Attaining the experience from the different international locations the management is making several efforts for facing the problems related to the cultural behavior of the people of the country. Taking into consideration various superstition and numerology factors, the management has pointed out various facts related to the location of the park, the design of the building, etc. As we came to know, from the given case study, that many people faces the communication problem, therefore, for removing the communication problems the management of the company is making several efforts related to the language being used in a particular country (Huffington, 2016). Market Potentials: Dubai market environment Dubai market is one of the largest markets across the various countries of the world. It has a large scope for any type of small, medium or large enterprises, which is planning to enter into the market of the country. A large number of tourists are visiting country every year and therefore, the countrys market provides a huge scope for an on-going or a new business. Related to the environmental factors, each and every location of the country suits almost each and every business in the country. The company has a large scope because of the countrys major trade center located in the Middle East. The company is making various plans and is continuously working on the visual representation of the Disneyland in the country. SWOT Analysis of Disney entering the Dubai market Strength The main strength of the company is its popularity among the people across the world. The popularity of the company is completely dependent upon the services being provided by the company in the past years. The people of the different countries have faith in the brand as it owns multiple channels, stores and amusement parks for providing a large variety of services to the customers. Depending upon the favorable conditions of the country the main strength of the company is to produce a large number of successful products in a small period of time (Wesson, 2014). Weakness The main weakness of the company is the price of the companys product and services. Many of the competitors of the company are providing the similar kind of products and services at a very low price as if compared to the Disneys product and services. The company also needs to change its theme from time to time so that, it can maintain the interest of the people. Opportunities For the growth of the company it has a large number of opportunities for the companys employees as well as for the company itself. The various efforts of the company are increasing the economic growth of the company as the management is targeting the youth of the country towards it (Disney Team, 2016). Threats During the time of the economic recession, people are less interested in investing their money in the amusement parks etc. Healthy active living related to the research and the development process is also a threat for the company to carry out its business in the country successfully. Company main profit is dependent upon the children movies, shows, etc. therefore, they need to make each and every possible effort for attracting the children towards themselves. 7 Ps of Marketing mix Product In this step, the company focuses on the products and the services being delivered by them to the customers. They are providing man-made attraction products for attracting more and more people towards them. Price The management is making several efforts for adopting a competitive price approach. The company is fixing the price of its products for providing a luxurious class of services to its customers. Time to time discount offers are being introduced by the company and many other facilities like annual passes are also being distributed to the customers. Promotion The Company is doing several promotions throughout the year. With the help of social media channels and various TV networks, it is trying to get connected to more and more people (Keller, 2016). Place The Company focuses on the environmental location or we can say the place where it has to start its business. The Dubai provides the company a favorable environment to carry out its business. People The management of the company needs to take several steps for adopting the interest of the people by employing dedicated and well trained staff for the company. Process Various facilities are being provided by the company like online booking facility, dining facilities, accommodation facilities, etc. for supporting the people of the country (Zhu Xu, 2010). Physical Evidence In this step, the company focuses upon the atmosphere and infrastructure being provided to the customers for the attraction purpose. Conclusion The country is the most economically activated country out the seven emirates of the UAE. The market of the country provides various factors of the marketing mix for keeping the company in a position in an effective manner. It is the responsibility of the management for creating the trust and loyalty among the customers for the sake of the company. References Disney Team. (2016). SWOT Analysis: The Walt Disney Company. Retrieved from Huffington, T. (2016, August 24). Dubai's Disneyland? World's largest theme park opens its doors. Retrieved from Keller, M. (2016). Disneyland International Marketing Mix International Marketing Mix Of Disneyland Hong Kong. Retrieved from Marketing, D. C. (2016). A guide to Dubai market. Retrieved from Media, E. (2016, April 13). Move Over Shanghai Disneyland: A New Resort in Dubai Is Opening with Almost As Many Parks as Disney World! Retrieved from Wesson, M. (2014, September 02). 5 Pieces of Marketing Magic from Disneyland. Retrieved from Zhu, L., Xu, D. (2010). Marketing Strategic Change in Expansion of Disneyland:. Jonkoping University. Retrieved from

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Media Studies Psycho Essay Charlie Anderson Essays -

Media Studies Psycho Essay Charlie Anderson In his masterpiece "Psycho", director Alfred Hitchcock propels his narrative through closely following and manipulating the different aspects of the film matrix. These include the basic uses of conflict resolution, the manoeuvring of time and space and the utilisation of the narratives codes and conventions. Hitchcock uses a succession of non-autonomous scenes to describe how the apparent protagonist, Marian Crane (played by Janet Leigh), decides to steal $40,000, flee her home in Phoenix and undertake a long automobile trip to California. To the audience, it appears as though Marian Crane's theft and flight are the principal elements of the film's plot. Hitchcock, however, surprises the audience by using archival time both to lead us to believe that Marian Crane is his protagonist and then abruptly changes the direction of his film. Psycho begins with the camera drifting lazily from left to right across the skyline of Phoenix, Arizona. Hitchcock used similar shots in the beginning of both The Lady Vanishes and Shadow of a Doubt, implying a movement from the general to the particular and from the objective to the subjective. This sets the scene for the beginning of the film, an establishing shot showing buildings from a distance tells us that it must be a reasonably modern setting in a city. From this (where Hitchcock establishes the motivation for the narrative) we are moved to a desolate highway and a small isolated motel. This part of the real images matrix is easily achieved in the movie as the film continues to progress. Early in the film we are introduced to the narratives supposed protagonist Marion Crane, Alfred Hitchcock appears to establish Crane as the main character of "Psycho" from the film's very first scenes. From here we meet her boyfriend Sam Loomis in a discussion about his in debt and alimony payments, this tends to suggest that there will be conflict arising. After the establishment of these and the catalyst of the story by way of Marion's theft of $40,000 we are introduced to minor characters. These include the police officer who pulls over Marion and then proceeds to watch her at the car lot, he acts as a blocking character who is there to firstly create tension in the mind of Marion but also in the mind of the unknowing audience who still thinks that the story is about her. After Marion's journey to the Bates motel we meet the real central character to whom the title refers to, Norman Bates. Hitchcock develops him as a young shy and defensive individual which leads the audience to t hink otherwise about the apparent "psycho' that they have already established in their minds. Throughout the introduction the director sticks closely to the basic form of central and minor characters. He uses them against each other to create different conflict throughout the film and finally leaves one being defeated. By following the features of conflict resolution, Hitchcock's narrative adheres to two of the possible three resolutions put forward by Mcmahon and Quinn. Person versus person, in terms of the clash between Norman Bates and our other characters. Person versus self which could very well in some instances epitomise in the case of Norman Bates who disputes and loses internally against his alter ego, his mother. By using this character he sets classic conflict between others. We see early on the murder of Marion Crane, then of Arbogast. This leads to the involvement of Marion's sister and Sam Loomis who create conflict within Bates himself resulting in his capture and the eventual resolution of Norman's mental condition given by the state psychiatrist . Hitchcock again, by using conflict which creates tension and suspense and then by resolving this very clearly results in the audience being satisfied that the film has ended and has been concluded. Throughout the film Hitchcock uses a constant amount of montages to convey different emotions and journey through time and space as the definition of Eisenstein in Macmahon in Quin suggests. For example when Marion flees with the money from Phoenix, music accompanies a short montage of simultaneous time, followed by a scene of Marian's car on the side of the road. Soon a policeman approaches the car and

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Antony and Cleopatra Research Paper Example

Antony and Cleopatra Research Paper Example Antony and Cleopatra Paper Antony and Cleopatra Paper even through all the images of dissolution and destruction, Enobarbus is prepared to remain faithful, Ill yet follow the wounded chance of Antony. . He scornes the idea that Caesar, with great armies under his control high-battled Caesar, would forego his good fortune unstate his happiness by fighting with a practiced swordsman be staged to th show/ Against a sworder. Enobarbus wonders what can be in remaining loyal to a fool Mine honesty and I begin to square However he then comments that To follow with a falln Lord/ Does conquer him that did his master conquer/ And earns a place Ith story. This poignant comment about earning a place in the story and gaining a moral victory over Caesar is the only reason he can think of to stay with Antony. Enobarbus soon offers the image of rats leaving a sinking ship, however the ambiguity of the image is that he could be referring to either himself or Cleopatra. Thou art so leaky, that we must leave thee to thy sinking, for thy dearest quit thee. The irony of Enobarbus decision to eventually leave, is not lost on us, he can see the truth in everything but himself. Which is why Enobarbus earns his place in the story. After his desertion, Enobarbus comments are full of great pathos and create the aurora of finality. O sovereign mistress of true melancholy, for Shakespeares audiences, Melancholy was not merely sadness, it was a deep and black despair that could blow the heart. It is that Enobarbus is praying for, after his realisation that he abandoned everything that he stood for. During Act 4 scene 6 he is confronted by the reason which he stood by Antony in the first place, it is this realisation of a tragic mistake that he must die and he proclaims I will go seek/ Some ditch in wherein to die. The following soliloquy contains yet more imagery of breaking and dissolution This blows my heart. , where Enobarbus reveals his true thoughts. However it is the Elizabethan belief that to be full of thoughts was to be full of despair , grief and distress that concerns Enobarbus he feels that anymore thought will kill him he also says that he is un-loyal betrayer with a crown of gold, better my service when my turpitude Thou dost so crown with gold! , which is the opposite view to what we see him as. His talks of finishing all foul thoughts, it is this dark imagery of breaking and shattering that creates the enigmatic end to his life, blessing the moon (which in Elizabethan times was thought to causes depression, illness, and even madness) and then crying out to Antony as he dies. His final act is to ask Antony for forgiveness for deserting him, Forgive me in thine own particular, But let the world rank me in register A master-leaver and a fugitive. O Antony! O Antony! His almost hyperbolic reaction shows his final acknowledgement of his own truth that the Roman qualities about him were weaker than the Egyptian characteristics. Enobarbus tragedy is the tragedy of a cynical mind coupled with a soft heart. His cynical and objective views (the commentator and truth teller. ) often are undermined by his poetic, and kind side (Antonys confindantn and his speech in Act 2 scene 2). His realisation of himself a the end definitely does earn himself a place Ith story.

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Complex Stakeholder Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Complex Stakeholder Relationships - Essay Example The researcher states that the main three stakeholders of the London 2012 Olympics include the BOA (British Olympic Association), Mayor of London and the Government. Other stakeholders are DCMS (The Department for Culture, Media and Sports), Olympic Park Legacy Company and Paralympics GB. Discussion with the stakeholders had revealed that there is a spatial variation between the stakeholders with respect to the plan and expectations of the Olympics. But all the stakeholders agreed to a point that the integration of the Park within the surrounding areas was crucial to the success of the Olympics. Some of the concerned which was raised by some of the stakeholders were with respect to the LMF process which should not be just about the Olympic Park but also on a wider LLV (Lower Lea Valley) area. The fringe was the priority which should surround the Olympic park but there were some concerns that fringe would be the second stage area which would generate a higher economic return. The stak eholders also expressed mixed views on the opportunity that the game would provide for the East London and LLV. Some stakeholders said that Olympics can be used as a hook in order to raise aspiration which would, in turn, improve the quality of life of the people and the also increase the employment opportunities. But experiences from the previous cities which have hosted the Olympics, however, do not provide a strong support for the statement but the stakeholders believe that the event can potentially be used as one of the core mechanism for raising aspiration as well as mobilizing the communities. Some of the stakeholders though and viewed that a careful balance was essentially required between opportunities to maximize it and of expectation. Some of the stakeholders stressed the importance of engaging the private sector in Olympics legacies whereas other argued that the worst scenario of the private sector is that the public sector alone would decide upon the vision of the event but the stakeholders were of the view that the private sector would play a key role in the planning of the park and also of LLV

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Five key objectives for Eastman Kodak Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Five key objectives for Eastman Kodak - Essay Example According to the paper  Kodak was considered as the most profitable corporation in America, which gave its shareholders a return of 18% for many years. The company has continuously invested in developing its competitive advantage in photography business. It is observed that 40% of the revenue of company came from outside United States (US). Though the company had encountered huge profit but the situation was not the same over the past few years as it encountered external pressure in form of competition.This essay discusses that  the new objective changed the imaging group of Kodak which included motion pictures, consumer products and audiovisual products, consumer electronics and photo finishing. The new objective filled the gap in the product line by introducing several new products, which are either prepared by Kodak or any Japanese manufacturers or sold it under the name of Kodak. In order to manage the market share of the company, Kodak took major steps to solidify the market of film processing. It has strategized to stem the flow of low cost foreign photography papers for acquiring control over processing market. The company has also acquired many companies in order to make its base strong in electronic photography sector. This acquisition increased the number of customers for chemical paper products. The declining profit of the company was forced to maintain tits level by massive cost – cutting, which improved efficiency of the products related to photography.